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Donna Gutierrez

Mortgage Loan Originator

Contact Information


  • NMLS ID #: 211993
  • Virginia (Lic. # 1118VA)
  • West Virginia (Lic. # 30347WV)

A Little Bit About Donna

Donna Gutierrez is a native of Virginia, but has lived and traveled throughout the world and the US.  Her history of living among other cultures has given her the keen insight to better understand others, and it translates into the customer service she provides for all of her clients.  Aside from all the required education and licensing credentials she holds, she will be quick to tell you it is her joy to be able to assist someone with their mortgage lending needs.  Her clients say it best.  Her most recent endorsement is truly a portrait of this mortgage loan originator:

“I am writing this letter to express my overwhelming gratitude for your company and even more so for Donna Gutierrez.  Like many others it’s been my goal to purchase my own home, but unfortunately like many others I was not in a financially sound place to make that leap.  For nearly two years, Donna helped me not only focus on what I needed to do to accomplish my goal, but she has been informative and more importantly patient with me when I’ve tried to rush the process.

I know most times businesses only get to hear what they and their employees do wrong, but a tremendous amount of praise should be shown here for Donna, who I accredit more than any one person for getting me on the right track and keeping me on it, not to mention she sends out great recipes.  If it were not for the help and guidance she shared with me, I would not be closing on my first home tomorrow, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

-NC  (full name withheld)

And as Donna says, “this is why I get up each day and do what I do—to be of service to others, that their lives may be enriched.”

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