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Prepare Your Home For Fall Season

Fall is here! You can feel the nights getting cooler and days getting shorter. Now it the time to prepare you home for the autumn season and take care of any maintenance needs. Use this helpful checklist to keep your home in tip-top shape.

  • Gutters – check all gutters to see if repair is necessary and most importantly clean your gutters.
  • Gaps and Cracks – check for any cracks around entry ways and windows.  Caulk and add weather stripping if needed.
  • Furnace Serviced – clean all filters to furnace and check for any maintenance needed.  Vacuum radiators, baseboard heaters and grates.
  • Chimney – check for any blockage and make sure damper is working properly.
  • Roof – inspect roof for any damage and make necessary repairs.
  • Smoke and CO Detectors – make sure these are operational and put in new batteries.
  • Lawn Mowers – stow away lawn mowers and other lawn care devices.
  • Hoses – turn off outdoor water sources and store all hoses.
  • Sprinklers – turn off and drain you system.
  • Plants – prune plants and prepare them for winter

Enjoy the fall and bundle up as it is getting cooler. Hot Spiced Cider 

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