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Who is Involved in the Home Buying Process?

Purchasing a home will be one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime.  When purchasing a home, it is important to understand the process and to know who will be assisting in your home loan financing.

The Lending Team

  • Mortgage Loan Originator:  This individual will be the one to begin the loan process and guide you through your loan from start to finish.  They will help you determine the best loan program to fit both your current financial situation and your long term goals.
  • Loan Officer Assistant:  They will work side by side with the Mortgage Loan Originator assisting you with obtaining the documents to help complete your loan application and overall assistance during the loan process.
  • Loan Processor: Reviews you home loan application for accuracy and verifies the information provided by obtaining additional financial documentation that may be required for underwriter review
  • Underwriter: They review the loan file and make the final decision to approve or deny your mortgage request.
  • Closer: Will have all finalized loan documents prepared and ready for signature to close on your home loan.

Real Estate Team

  • Buyer’s Agent: Will help you find a home that meets your wants and needs.   They will assist with negotiating the sales contract by representing you.
  • Listing Agent: This person represents the seller when negotiating sales contracts.

Additional Persons

  • Home Inspector:  It is highly recommended you hire a home inspector to visit your soon-to-be new home and inspect for any damage to the home such as structural damage, roof leaks or other potential problems with the home.
  • Appraiser: Their job is to determine the current value of the property you are buying based on market conditions and helps the lender determine the amount of money to lend.
  • Title Company: Will make sure the title on the home you are buying is clear and no liens are present.  They will also prepare title insurance for the property.
  • Closing Agent/Attorney:  Third party who will coordinate all the final paper work needed to settle on your new home.  They will be responsible for recording the new deed with the courts and is generally the last step in the home buying process.

Good luck with your home purchase and we hope this information proves useful.

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