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Winterize Your Home and Cut Costs

Winter is upon us. Whether that means snow, frigid temperatures, or the start of the rainy season, your home could use some prep to ensure it — and you — make it through comfy and cozy.

Here are a few useful tips.

  1. Weather-stripping – Keep out the cold and wet with new seals on doors and windows, as the summer heat can cause the old ones to crack and pull away from the frames.
  2. Thermostat – A programmable one that will adjust to your schedule is ideal, but if you’re not ready for one of those, then set the temperature to 68 degrees — the most energy-efficient number — and forget it.
  3. Humidifiers – Heaters dry out your skin and nasal passages, leaving you prone to itchiness and colds. Plus, wet air is warmer air. (Really.)
  4. Seal Drafts – Roll up towels or even scraps of fabric to place at the bottom of your doors to help keep the cool air out. There are even items available for purchase for just such a need called “Draft Snake” or “Draft Stopper”.   This also works well on windowsills.
  5. Sunshine – Open the blinds and curtains and let the sun in! Nature’s furnace will help warm up your home at no cost.
  6. Run fans Reverse – Most ceiling fans come with a reverse switch and simply reversing the airflow can result in different air flow. Switch fan to clockwise pushes the warmer air around the ceiling down circulating it back into your living space.
  7. Blankets and Sweaters – Have plenty of cozy couch blankets to snuggle under or putting on a thick sweater is better than adjusting the thermostat.
  8. Change Filters – As always change your furnace filters and if possible have it checked professionally to make sure all is in working order.
  9. Chimney – Plan on using your chimney this winter make sure it is clean and critter free before using.
  10. Prepare Emergency Kit – Make sure you have plenty of batteries, candles and other supplies you may need should you lose power during some of the colder days and in case of snow storms.

We hope this information helps keep you warm during the winter months and for all your home financing needs trust the team with Integrity.

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