Company State Licenses

A mortgage company must hold a valid license in a given state in order to do mortgage loans in that state.



License Number

License Type

Delaware 026511 Lender License
District of Columbia MLB208516 Mortgage Lender License
Florida MLD1882 Mortgage Lender Servicer License
Lousiana N/A Residential Mortgage Lending License
Maryland 208516 Mortgage Lender License
North Carolina L-179750 Mortgage Lender
New Mexico N/A Mortgage Loan Company License
Ohio RM.804438.000 RMLA Certificate of Registration
Oklahoma MLO15351 Mortgage Lender License
Pennsylvania 37079 Mortgage Lender License
Pennsylvania 100768 Mortgage Servicer License
South Carolina MLS-208516 Mortgage Lender/Servicer License
Tennessee 208516 Mortgage License
Texas N/A Mortgage Company License
Texas N/A Residential Mortgage Loan Servicer Registration
Virginia MC-3599 Mortgage Lender
West Virginia ML-23006 Mortgage Lender License